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Luggage Tips for Safer Travel

by William Manor

Ever had your luggage lost during a trip? Heard horrors stories about lost luggage from others? Well, losing your luggage is not the only thing that can happen to your bags and their contents while traveling. Your luggage could be broken, broken into or, even, stolen. To minimize the risk of these things happening to your bags and ruining your trip, follow the luggage tips below.The first thing to consider is the type of luggage you use. While the idea of traveling light is appealing, you should give priority to luggage that is sturdy and durable. Checked luggage is not always handled appropriately. This may result in parts of the suitcase breaking or opening unexpectedly.Even with sturdy luggage, avoid over packing. The pressure may lead to a broken zipper or busted seam, especially if dropped. As an extra safety measure, place a protective strap around each bag.You should never pack valuables such as jewelry, money or travelers cheques in your checked luggage. Extra glasses or medications should be packed in your carryon or placed in your briefcase or purse.If you will be traveling with sensitive or proprietary documents, double envelope the information and hand carry it. Placing such important items in your checked luggage would place them at risk of being lost or stolen.To facilitate the return of your luggage in case it is lost during your trip, put your name and address inside each bag. Also, be sure that your luggage is tagged with covered tags that protect your address from open observation. If possible, use a business address and telephone number to avoid exposing your personal information.All bags should be locked with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approved luggage locks. Travel Sentry and Safe Skies have an arrangement with TSA to supply “accepted and recognized” locks. If you travel with more than one suitcase, use a different combination for each piece of luggage. For bags with double locks, set each lock to a different combination.Check with the airline and/or your personal insurance company regarding any lost luggage coverage. Research the airline you plan to use concerning procedures for recuperating lost luggage. This way, if it happens, you will know exactly where to go and what to expect.Finally, you should never leave your bags unattended. Don’t even turn your back to your luggage. It only takes a few seconds for someone to steal your bag and disappear in the crowd.By following the tips above, you greatly decrease the chances of problems with your luggage and increase your chances of a safer, more enjoyable journey.

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